Hey friends!
It is definitely this time of the year when love is all around. I want to share with you my collaboration with Da Mieu, an extremely talented and renowned Vietnamese photographer. This project happened during my Vietnam trip back home. These pictures are beautiful art, right?
Valentine is a time to show your love to others and to yourself. Through this project, I want to encourage self love and positive body image. Confidence stems from being comfortable in your own skin. Too often, we let opinions of society get in the way of being at peace with ourself. Believe me, I know how it feel to be body shamed, even by the people who I never meet and somebody that I once hold dear to my heart. It took me a while to understand that if someone have a problem with my body, it's their problem, not mine. The hate and negativity start from fear and insecure, not love. That is why the haters do not matter.  Please accept and love yourself because you, as anybody in this universe, deserve your affection. Always remember the truth, you are beautiful, inside and out. 

Happy Valentine! I love you <3