Hi guys,
Recently, I went to Gucci Hanoi opening and Epilogue Collection show. It was super fun. A lot of you requested to know more about my look so here are all the details. 






My beauty: I got inspired by Gucci runway so much. I recreated the tear-drop runaway make up. But, I turned them into gold because the sparkles matches completely my dress, Decade Icon from Uyen Meow. I took a white fancy feather fan, courtesy from Bridgerton. The Netflix show by Shonda Rhymes is popular and trending. I did my hair babydoll style with crown, inspired by Gucci runway and my Coachella look. The make up is completed with Gucci lipstick in 204 – Peggy Taupe and Kylie Candy K lips liner. Lip liner is always a make up essential, you heard it from Uyen Meow first! 

My Gucci looks: 




Look 1: White short suit means business and leisure
This argyle wool jacket is so comfy and lovely to wear. I matched it with an argyle wool short and crocodile Sylvie 1969 bag for the popping shiny black on matte white effect. The gold chain totally 

accentuates my golden eye make up. Everybody at the event loves this Gucci monochrome look on me! 






Look 2: This look tells you about my personality 
The wool knit red dress softly drapes on my body, create a light figure-hugging dress while still being cozy. I match this with a golden pique Gucci logo blazer and a red crocodile Sylvia 1969 mini bag to take the drama to a new height. This look tells you about my personality: popping, fierce, and fabulous! 



Look 3: Beverly Hills babe on a chill day
With all the fun I have at the event, I simply wanna chill in a orange sweater, wool shorts, and sunglasses on while drinking my Rielsing!