Hello guys,

Recently, my best friend from Los Angeles visited Vietnam with me, we decided to take a trip to Nha Trang and stay at Fusion Cam Ranh. It is soooo lit! 

This trip begins with me sending my friend some cute Instagram photo saying we need more photos like that. And voila she flies to Vietnam.

When we get to the resort. The property is very beautiful. The employees are very professional and friendly. We had a very welcoming check-in. The weather is sunny and easygoing in Nha Trang during November. This resort is a spa inclusive resort. Each person get 2 treatment per day. It is a very ideal vacation to relax and to take care of your beauty. I recommend the Caviar VIP Facial and Himalayan Pink Salt Stone Therapy. 
We stayed at Private Pool Villa with Two Bedroom (Ocean View) for ~$650 per night. The room is very pretty as you can see from my Instagram photo. It’s lit! My favorite feature is the infinity pool, the open floor space, the master bedroom, and the tasteful bathtub. The villa has a beautiful view of the ocean with absolute privacy. I have a lot of fun moments with my friends here where I can be absolutely carefree and relaxed from everyday hustle.