Hi guys, Today I'm reviewing my Chanel Classic Flap Bag. My bag is in White in Jumbo size, Caviar Skin and Silver hardware. It's one of my favourite bag! I'm also revealing what is in my bag 🙂 There's a review of the bag on my Youtube channel. The video is uploaded up there. You can see here to read what my friends are saying about this Chanel Flap bag! :X I've invited my fashionista friends to join this fun bag talk with me to 🙂 Hi các bạn, Hôm này Uyên sẽ review túi Chanel classic flap nhé! Đây là một trong những kiểu dáng yêu thích của mình. Túi mình đang review ở đây là màu trắng, size Jumbo, da cá Caviar, và khóa bạc. Mình còn có bài review phỏng vấn các bạn fashionista của Uyên về túi Chanel này. Buổi bag talk thật thú vị luôn ý!

Gloria at @gorgeousgloria (instagram)


I love the Chanel classic flap for its versatility, there are just so many pockets and compartments for me to put things and stay organized. My favourite part of the classic is how there are two secret compartments one behind the inside flap of the bag, and the other is a small zipper compartment on the inside of the large flap of the bag. It is said that Ms Coco used those two spots to keep her secret love letters; I guess I don’t have any love letters to hide, but I like using those two places for when I am traveling and need to put my jewelry away, or hide my money or anything important that would otherwise be lost if I put it in another pocket. I also love the chanel classic for its outside pocket in the back, its super convenient to put your phone there, but I guess too convenient sometimes because someone stole my phone once when I put it there😂😂


I love the classic bag in python skin since I can use it during the day while I am running errands, or to a formal dinner and still look chic. Usually for formal dinners I like carrying mini bags or clutches, but because of the exotic skin its ok for me to bend the rules with this jumbo sized bag. As well, I love the exotic skin because it is much more unique compared to the classic caviar or lambskin bag. As you can tell, I am a huge fan of the Classic Chanel bags and to own one in an exotic skin is just a huge bonus.

Most of my python bags are in silver hardware. have rarely come across a Chanel python with gold hardware, but if I do I will totally add it to my collection. Since I feel like gold hardware looks better for formal occasions.
If you are a crazy bag collector, I recommend purchasing any Chanel bag in an exotic skin, you will fall in love💗
P.s. Thanks Uyen for the bag talk💕
Clover, admin The Lux Team, at @cloverrrv (instagram)


This Chanel bag is in the Pink from 2017 collection. The bag has gold hardware and caviar leather. It is the perfect size for me, the Small size. It is so convinient because I can carry many things while carry it cross body or on my shoulder. The bag's best feature, for me, is that it has so many compartments like the back one or the one that holds your lipsticks. I picked this size because it fits with my frame and can be worn so many different way. I love my bag 🙂 

Rey, at @rxu501(instagram)


My bag is Black, gold hardware, in aged lambskin. This bag is actually the original design of 2.55 style, before Karl Lagerfeld added the CC symbol. This bag is perfect for a low key, chill afternoon with girlfriends. It can fit my wallet, phone, sunglasses case, a small makeup bag in it. It’s the classic Chanel, and it doesn’t even have a logo on it, so it’s very low key and classy. It goes with a lot of outfit. It’s perfect for just running errands or getting coffee. When my outfit brings a lot of attention or shows my body, I would always match with a black Chanel.This bag is medium sized (not sure if that’s how they call the size but it’s one size smaller than jumbo.) I only have mini size bags or medium size bags. I am a 5’2”, short and small girl. I think medium and small size bags looks best on me. Jumbo would look too big on me. Besides, jumbo can fit a lot of stuff, and sometimes when you lose track of how much stuff you gave out in it and the bag gets heavy, the Chanel bag chains would leave marks on your shoulder. This situation is less likely to occur if you have a smaller size bag. Besides, usually all my stuff I need would fit in a medium size bag. If I have more stuff, like books or laptops, I would use my Goyard tote. Thank you for inviting me to do this! It is really fun <3